June 17, 2011

Check out The Computers

Who remembers ¡Forward, Russia!? Leeds post-punkers ¡! were one of the indie cult bands of the Noughties who went on indefinite hiatus in 2008. Since then, there has been somewhat of a void of UK punk-rockers to take over the mantle from ¡Forward, Russia!. The Computers may be the answer to this problem.

Hailing from Exeter, The Computers are a more hardcore outfit than their predecessors and have attracted the interest of Goldheart Assembly and one-time Death Cab label Fierce Panda. Their songs are raw and fancy song titles don't appear to be a priority with some that are 'Music Is Dead' and 'Group Identity'.

They have a busy summer ahead, with dates at Reading and Leeds festivals on the home-strait, and I for one am thoroughly looking forward to their Leeds performance.


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