June 15, 2011

Check out D/Wolves and Da Bears

California keeps churning them out. Not that it's a bad thing, but it does make you think if there is something special in the water over there. San Diego is home up-and-coming D/Wolves, a four-piece experimental outfit, and Da Bears, a funk-induced surf-cum-garage rock band.

D/Wolves, off the back of a one-time support slot with Best Coast in November last year in San Diego, are getting into gear for 2011 with home-made videos on Youtube of bassy 'Buzz Light Yr' (don't stare at the video because you will probably get dizzy) and release of new album in March, titled 'Freak Of Nature', which the band are giving away digitally from their Bandcamp page. (in zipped format)

Da Bears, also releasing music on the Grizzly Records label, are currently a six-piece with a wide variety of music possible to create. 'Cage Of Ribs' is the perfect song to show off what the band possesses, with piano, synths and horns all present in a 5-minute showcase of experimentation. Progressive Horrors-rock kicks in during 'T.V. Shows' and 'Dinos' sounds like it could have been taken straight out of the American indie-rock takeover of the 90's. Many songs are free to download via their Last.fm page

D/Wolves: //Bandcamp//Myspace//Facebook//
Da Bears:  //Myspace//Facebook//

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