June 14, 2011

Check out Girls Names

It appears that less is more in the music industry of 2011. It can be seen with the resurgence in popularity of lo-fi rock in acts such as Wavves, Sleigh Bells and more recently Is Tropical. Noise-poppers Girls Names are likely to be another name to add to this growing list, with their break-through seemingly imminent. Simple build-ups, an often-inaudible vocalist and repetition are becoming so easy to replicate, and it seems to be a market which has a possibility of saturating in the near future. But until then, we will continue to enjoy it.

Current Girls Names songs around include the surfy 'Bury Me', and free downloads of 'Séance On A Wet Afternoon', from the 2011 album 'Dead To Me', and short-but-sweet 'Blood River' are available via their Last.fm page.


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