July 24, 2011

Check out Minks

Minks are a dream pop duo from Brooklyn, New York, signed to the Captured Tracks label. Said label has described them as "like Robert Smith gave birth to a baby, and the baby was actually cassette of Cure demos that had a lot more staying power than actual Cure demos". This may seem like a lot to live up to, but they defend this bold claim and more once you start listening.

Their debut LP 'By The Hedge' was released earlier this year, and they could be breaking through majorly into the scene which has brought Beach House, The xx, and more recently Cults, so much acclaim of late. The album has stand-out tracks, such as dirgey garage-gaze 'Out Of Tune' and 'Funeral Song' but also makes for great listening in its entirety. Whilst writing this I'm struggling to pick out my favourite part of the album because it really doesn't have any weak sections. Listen for yourself on Spotify (just type in Minks and you'll find it) or trail through Youtube (link to the first track 'Kusmi'). If you like what you hear, buy it!

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